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Timothy AntiTerrorist is the author of Standing Under Freedom: A Foundation for Personal Empowerment
Cover of Standing Under Freedom

SUF covers dealing with the police, disaster preparedness basics, the business of marriage and the absurdity of licensing what should be private, how and why the government can claim your children and what you can do to avoid this, the carrot-and-stick aspect of citizenship, the scam of corporate tax collection and the hazards of ‘having income,’ how to effectively question ‘authority,’ internet spying and the growth industry of security surveillance, the paramount importance of protecting your privacy, the vital issue of an individual’s right to bear arms, and the lure, dangers and history-repeats-itself aspect of fiat currency. Standing Under Freedom.

Designed and Illustrated by Holly Ollivander :: HEO

Standing Under Freedom is available from Amazon, Amazon UK, and other booksellers with the ISBN: 978-1-905605-22-4.


Timothy is also the author of The AntiTerrorist Handbook, published 11 September 2009 by Velluminous Press and available through your local book vendor and all good online bookstores including and

Alternatively, use the following ISBN-13 number for TheAntiTerrorist Handbook in order to walk into a brick-and-mortar bookstore and have them order it for you:

ISBN: 978-1905605170

Cover of   TheAntiTerrorist Handbook

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