TheAntiTerrorist on The Communist Manifesto

Better well-read than dead?
Broadcast 25 August 2010

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TheAntiTerrorist on The Big Business of Being Behind Bars

Penitentiary? or Penifactory?
Broadcast July 26, 2010

Why do rapists and murderers hit the streets in a fraction of the time compared to people incarcerated for non-violent crimes?

It all begins to make sense when you approach it as an employer would; then the question becomes, “Which type of person would you rather have on your factory assembly line? The guy who ripped out someone’s grandmother’s eyeballs and then set her cat on fire? Or Gentle Gerry the Marijuana Grower?”

In the new ‘prison for profit’ scheme taking over the United States penal system, they are betting on Gentle Gerry. For the rest of his life.

Topics for further research: United States prison system, incarceration, penitentiary, private prisons, corrupt judges, corrupt judicial system, American prison population

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TheAntiTerrorist on Opening Pandora’s BOP

After the oil, is there any hope left?
Broadcast June 30, 2010

Topics for further Research: Gulf Crisis, Deepwater Horizon, BP, Halliburton, World Government, Globalisation, Oil Spill, Evacuations

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TheAntiTerrorist on The Larder of Last Resort

Cache-ing or crashing?

Larder of Last Resort Info Pack

Topics for further research: food shortage, hoarding, stockpiling, food cache, NWO, New World Order, Financial Crisis, Food crisis, emergency supplies, survival, bug out, how to survive, disaster preparedness, Survivalist, food hoarding, food stockpiling, preparedness, martial law, self-sufficiency, John Lofty Wiseman, Ray Mears, Bushcraft, bugging out, pantry stocking, water supply, MREs, Codex Alimentarius

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TheAntiTerrorist on Bunker In or Bug Out?

Is this the winter of our discount tent?
Broadcast May 17, 2010

Topics for further research: bugging out, financial collapse, Argentina collapse, Soviet Union collapse, food storage, first aid, bio-terrorism incident, home preparedness, home garden, Hurricane evacuation, home defense, community, bushcraft, survival, survivalists, water filtration, mass migration

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TheAntiTerrorist on The Digital Economy Bill

Just how stupid does your government need you to be?
Broadcast April 12, 2010

“I do not know how long such liberties will be allowed. The stations of uncensored expression are closing down; the lights are going out; but there is still time for those to whom freedom and parliamentary government mean something, to consult together.
Let me, then, speak in truth and earnestness while time remains.”

-Winston Churchill, October 16, 1938

Digital economy bill rushed through
Digital Economy Bill: Quick Guide
YouTube ‘under threat’ from Digital Economy Bill changes
Mark Thomas talks about the Digital economy Bill

Topics for further research: Digital Economy Bill, Digital Economy Act, Ofcom, Video Recordings Act 1984, Communications Act 2003, DAB radio, Digital Britain, Copyright Infringement, Torrent Download, Internet Piracy, Pirate Party UK, HADOPI law, Oink’s Pink Palace, Demonoid, Pirate Bay, iPredator, Stephen Timms MP

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